Italian Senator Mariano Robino

Senator Mariano Robino‘s speech at the 29th anniversary of Iran 1988 Massacre

“Due to international pressure, Rouhani was compelled to replace Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi with Alireza Avaie, another member of the Death Committee, who was responsible for the murder of many individuals including scores who were juveniles. As previous speakers pointed out, our governments and the EU should give priority to human rights in its dealings with Iran. No realpolitik consideration or business interest should take precedent to human rights. All of us, all human rights advocates, and all those who seek freedom and democracy should urge the UN to provide a factual and documented report on the 1988 massacre. Khamenei, Rouhani and all the regime’s senior officials who were implicated in the 1988 massacre should be brought to justice before the international court in The Hague.”

“All Western governments share the blame, all of them have procrastinated. But eventually a movement has begun and things are moving. In Italy, a majority members of the parliament signed a petition in June, condemning the 1988 massacre and demanding that the masterminds and perpetrators of this massacre be brought to justice.”

“Scores of dictatorial regimes in contemporary history committed crimes against humanity. They enjoyed impunity for a while, but this is the time for awakening. From Nuremberg, to The Hague, to the courts pertaining to the former Yugoslavia, to the trials of crimes against humanity that took place in Africa, Asia, and in America, the dictators and criminals were eventually brought to justice. They had to face the fact findings that were pursued by the international community and by the people of those countries. Now, the time has come for the criminals in Iran.”